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Assuring that our children continue to flourish despite the profound challenges that many must overcome requires dedicated and compassionate experts who are continually educated in the latest and most effective modalities.

We must meet the dramatic rises in pediatric special needs diagnoses with methodologies that discover the root causes and provide treatments that help the individual improve functioning, align and re-align development, reverse damage and heal.

We’re interested in therapists—clinical fellows are welcome—who are driven to serve and are just as driven to continually learn.

Therapists who appreciate the great challenges before us:

  • How do we meet the dramatic increase of children with special needs?
  • How do we continue to educate ourselves to be there and able to provide thetreatments that improve functioning, align and re-align development, reverse damage, and help heal?

Therapists who want and appreciate an environment that:

  • Provides an ever expanding post graduation learning curriculum.
  • Provides 1 hour per day to collaborate with colleagues and/or in-service (our “1 o’clock” meeting).
  • Presents some of the most challenging pediatric special needs cases in the area.
  • Innovates.

That’s the opportunity for therapists with a thirst to continue learning and a desire to be among the best and the compassion to help children with special needs have a better life and who care, really care.

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Creative Health Solutions, founded and led by Judy Feingold, OTR/L, is one of Northern Virginia’s leading innovators in pediatric special needs therapies. Its holistic approach integrates Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology with the best supporting modalities. Creative is friendly and nurturing, its therapists are motivated and passionate, and its spacious treatment rooms are well equipped.

At Creative you are a significant member of a great team that is creating a better future for our children. Here we want you to speak out and we listen.

At Creative we devote ourselves to bringing out the greatness and great potential in each child; we approach each child with kindness, love, compassion, and respect. At Creative your work is exciting and your results are significant, important, and often transformational.

We are currently accepting applications for:

Occupational Therapist (License Required)

Speech Language Pathologists

Healthcare Practice Receptionist/Administrative Support

To join the Creative team, please fill out our employment application.