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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is a holistic approach that helps people of all ages achieve independence while engaging in meaningful activities or “occupations.” Find out how a Creative Health Occupational Therapy Practitioner can help you or a loved one. Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Creative Health Services for Adolescents

Do you feel that your teenage son/daughter is struggling at school and in the community?
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Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Motor Skill Activities

Oral Motor and Eye Teaming Activity

Oral motor activities help kids regulate their body by calming and organizing their nervous system and encouraging deep breathing. Eye teaming is when both eyes work together in a precise and coordinated way.

You can add an extra challenge by having the child army crawl to work on breath/movement coordination and core strengthening. Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Obstacle Course

Ever wonder why OTs love obstacle courses? Because they promote multiple developmental skills such as memory, sequencing, motor planning, balance, strength, body awareness and coordination.

Here’s a quick video showing a Creative client rocking an 11-step obstacle course! Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Fun Fine Motor and Oral Motor Activity

This is a great way to practice writing/drawing skills while engaging in oral motor activity!

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


5 Oral Motor Blowing Activities

Blowing and deep breathing activities support self-regulation and improve the ability to attend, increase control of body movements, and support airflow for speech.

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


5 Fine Motor Strengthening Exercises

These activities are helping Zoe develop strength and coordination of her hand muscles. Little does she know, she’s working on scissor skills, coloring, writing her letters, fastening her jacket, and opening the cookie jar without mommy’s help (Shhh!! Don’t tell mommy).

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


7 Different Animal Walk Exercises

Animal walks are a great way for children to work on gross and fine motor skills, reflex integration, core strengthening, motor planning, balance, flexibility, and endurance.

Here are 7 different animal walk exercises you can do with your child. Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Multisensory Letter Formation

A multi-sensory approach to handwriting is a fun and engaging way to learn letter formation. By utilizing multi-sensory systems, a child is more likely to learn because the brain is provided with additional information and opportunities to store the information.

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


10 Fall Themed Gross Motor Activities

Who’s excited for fall? We came up with 10 fall themed gross motor activities that target reflex integration, vestibular activation, upper body and core strength, balance, coordination, and more!

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Eye Teaming

Did your child pass the 20/20 eye chart exam and continued to struggle with reading efficiency and comprehension? Is he/she losing place when reading and complaining of headache and fatigue when working up close?

Watch this video to learn more about eye teaming and convergence insufficiency.

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Moro Reflex

The Moro Reflex is the key to sensory integration. Watch this video to learn more about the signs of unintegrated Moro Reflex and four exercises to integrate that reflex.

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Sensory Exploration Activities

Multi-Sensory Letters

Learning how to form letters does not have to be boring! A multi-sensory approach to handwriting is a fun and engaging way to learn letter formation. By utilizing multi-sensory systems, a child is more likely to learn because the brain is provided with additional information and opportunities to store the information.

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Fake Snow Sensory Play

A fun way to work on multi-step fine motor task and hand strengthening. The snow grows when you add water and it makes a great sensory bin! It’s also non toxic.

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Food Play and Sensory Exploration

Food play encourages kids to interact with new foods in a non- threatening way with no expectations. Providing children experiences to learn and be comfortable with the sight, scent, texture, and taste often increases their tolerance and acceptance.

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Cooking and Executive Function

Did you know that cooking with your kids can help improve their executive functioning skills? In this Chopped Junior Challenge, the chef is working on remembering and following multi-step instructions, problem solving and persisting through challenges, managing his time while multi-tasking, recalling the steps through written and verbal forms, and finally presenting and sharing his final product with peers.

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati

Sensory Play Recipe

Did you know that participating in cooking activities has so many therapeutic benefits? Some developmental skills include: texture tolerance, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, grading of force, problem solving skills, and attention.

Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati

Educational and Resources

Top Sensory Processing Disorder Books

Here is a list of the most popular books about Sensory Processing Disorder. These books are a must have in any educator or parent’s library. Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Top Parent Education Books

Finding good parent education books can be challenging. Creative made it easier for you and gathered top 7 books that are filled with valuable information to parents and caregivers. Creator Credit: Vian Al-Baiati


Important Note:

All of our videos have been made available for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.