The first five years of a child’s life are critical for brain and nervous system development. During this time, children learn and develop rapidly.

Things as simple as daily experiences can dramatically impact a child’s learning when it comes to their cognitive, social, physical, adaptive and communication development.

If you suspect your child has a developmental delay, it’s prudent to address those concerns as they are discovered.

That’s what early intervention is all about. It’s about introducing the right kind of interventions in a child’s life as early as possible — when their mind is the most receptive to learning new things — to help them become a successful learner.

Early intervention services can impact your child’s developmental trajectory and improve the outcomes for your child, your family, and your community.

How Creative Health Solutions Helps

Early intervention is something that is at the core of our care strategy here at Creative Health because it can significantly impact your child’s health and well-being.

We haves structured our approach to early intervention into three steps:

Step #1: Free Phone Consultation

We think it’s very important for you to understand what is happening with your child. That’s why we offer our clients a free phone consultation to help you explore potential issues with your child and which services may benefit him or her the most. Together, we’ll cover your child’s history, get a developmental understanding and obtain your goals as a parent.

Step #2: Initial In-Clinic Consultation

In this second step, you and your child will meet with our Chief Therapist and co-founder, Judy Feingold, and one of our experienced therapists. While you and Judy review your child’s medical and developmental history, your child will engage the therapist in an informal friendly fun way. The room is filled with fun activities—various swings, a slide, a ball pit, a loft, a trampoline, a barrel to climb on or roll around, and there’s a room full of toys and games just in case. The discussion with Judy will insure that we understand your precise needs and goals and set us on course for intervention and treatment.

Step #3: Thorough customized assessment and treatment

We’re the only practice that I know of that has a one-hour team meeting — every day. Even new client gets the benefit of our collective discussion and expertise. Behind the scenes we’ll make sure that we perform the most appropriate assessments and create the most effective plan of care. The latter includes the goals you requested, how to measure and achieve them — usually including things you can do at home to multiply the effect of what we do in the clinic. Every plan is customized because every child is unique.

Now is Always the Right Time

Sometimes parents are concerned that they waited too long; others wonder if their concern is premature.

While the sooner the better is generally prudent, we know through our modern understanding of brain plasticity that it’s never too late. Once you decide to take action, please don’t look back and second guess yourself.

On the other hand, as a parent of 5 myself, doubt and uncertainty about my children while they were growing up was agonizing. Knowledge about your children’s health and well-being is the most important information you can have.

The first step is free and will quickly put you on the path of getting the information you need and the treatments if you need them. And Creative we hire ahead so that we always have availability (and our therapists have reasonable caseloads to insure you get the attention you need and deserve).

Call us or contact us today. We’ll answer during business hours. And if we get a message off hours, we’ll get back to you right away.

Please add your thoughts, experiences and comments to help those on this same journey of early intervention in our comments section below.