Co-Founders Note

As a parent of 5 (now grown up) I knew the importance finding the right places for my children. It was the recommendations of other parents that always guided me best. I hope these parents’ kind words provide that guidance for you.

-Richard Feingold

Mrs. Judy and Mr. Richard,
I wanted to let you know what an amazing speech therapist Ms. Christina is!!! The whole transition to online therapy went so smoothly! She found so many resources that are extremely interesting to Veronica and keeps the new ones coming on a daily basis! She is always so positive, so enthusiastic and brightens our every day with her smile! I even think that Veronica benefits more of the speech therapy now then when it was face to face. Maybe the reason for that is that we do it everyday now, maybe it’s that she is not as tired and gets enough sleep, but the results are great!
Miss Christina is a gem! We love her so much!

— Natalia F.

Creative Health Solutions has been a blessing to me. I am an adult who has had health problems. The owners (and occupational therapist) listened to me and and agreed to help me. I have made so much progress because my therapist is so talented and is well prepared for our sessions. I still have a ways to go, but know with their help I will get there. This office is truly a warm, loving, and supportive practice. So many children are provided speech therapy services here and they all leave smiling and talking!

— Candy Brassard

We thank God every day for Creative Health Solutions! Richard and Judy and the rest of the staff are literally like family and our son is absolutely doing leaps and bounds at this Facility!!

— Chris Taylor

For the first 6 years of my daughter’s life, she’s been in so many different speech/OT therapists and all of them were … meh… boooring. This place is different, the name speaks for itself, they are creative! They also are caring and result bringing! My daughter started going in May 2019 for by-weekly sessions, then we started attending their summer camp on a daily basis and all I can say is that both my daughter and I are happy! Every day she runs to her therapists to give them a hug, every day, I get a thorough summary of what they did and how she did doing it. Amazing! I am so happy that I found them! Keep up the good work.

— Natalia Farish

Mr & Mrs Feingold,

We can’t thank you enough for all the help Creative Health Solutions gave our son. You have the best facility and an excellent staff. Our son loved coming to therapy. It was definitely his favorite activity. I’m confident that his sessions (along with what our therapist showed me to do at home) has made him happier, improved his school performance and ability to make friends. We will really miss your practice, but are truly grateful for your help with finding a new office in Colorado.



Hi Judy, I wanted to email you to let you know how amazing your therapists are (you probably know this already!). Our therapist clearly puts her heart and soul into her work and it makes all the difference. She is so creative, thoughtful and helpful with Ryan. Without a doubt, she is the best therapist he’s had since Mr. Bobby.

Ryan loves working with her, especially the cooking challenges. And the cooking video she made of him is so awesome!

Last week, I mentioned to her that we need help with teaching him how to do three things: 1) tie shoelaces, 2), ride a bike, and 3) swim. She jumped right on that with some great ideas and feedback which I appreciate so much (see attached email).

Please share this feedback with her supervisor. I want everyone to know how pleased we are with her and grateful we are for her.

Thanks, Michelle Walker

Both of my kids have been coming to Creative Health for 1.5+ years. Once we realized my younger son needed help we went around for evaluations at different places and decided on Creative Health. I believe it was the best decision we could’ve made because my son gets both speech and OT therapy that is coordinated. The therapists, all the staff, Judy and Richard have been a wonderful support to our family and we can honestly say that thanks to this amazing team both of my sons have made great progress. My younger son went from not being able to communicate and being afraid of the world around him and many activities that most toddlers do to being able to communicate/have conversations and engaging with other children and activities. He’s now making great progress on his fine motor skills, so many of his sensory challenges have resolved and he’s even eating different foods/textures now. There are so many progresses my kids have made that it’s hard to list them all. I’m thankful we found this facility. Their DIR Floor time approach helped my son to be comfortable with his team so when we started he didn’t spend time in meltdown mode and was able to participate and engage with his therapists. I believe this approach was very key to the success we’ve seen in his progress. I believe having both speech and OT in this whole/body whole/person approach has had a great positive impact. Additionally, the facility really meets their therapy needs with spacious rooms with different themes and different activities to work on different therapy needs. My kids are excited and happy to go to therapy. They are never bored as they go to different rooms each week that keeps them engaged. Judy and Richard and the therapists always make time for me whenever I have a question or just need someone to talk to. Richard really set our minds at ease with dealing the insurance companies. He understands their billing and makes sure we understand our coverage so we can get the most services covered for our kids. The therapists are very knowledgeable and work so well with the kids. Judy has let us look over her library of books and resources and been a great support. We do Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Listening Therapy, Interactive Metronome. We highly recommend Creative Health!

—Theresa Padovano

We have been coming to Creative Heath Solutions for a year and a half now. This is a great facility with professional therapists attending the children needs. The support staff are also amazing and they help you navigate administrative issues and are always ready to respond. These all are a testament to the owners attitude towards providing excellent therapy services to the children. Judy and Richard Feingold are the perfect duo to assemble and orchestrate such a great team.

—Alireza Sayari

Of all the people you were right on the money about what was going on with my son.
—Name Withheld

Judy has worked thoughtfully with our son—always gentle, always trying new approaches to help him achieve and explore.
—Lisa Y.

Our daughter has sensory processing disorder and the energy that should have gone towards her growth and development instead had to go toward just keeping her from being overwhelmed. Judy gave us, the parents, a crash course in sensory disorders, then created and continuously modified a therapeutic program to address her ever-changing sensory issues. Thanks to Judy Feingold’s expertise, caring, and willingness to try many different therapeutic activities, our daughter’s sensory issues are almost completely under control, allowing her to put her energy where she should—on growing and developing and becoming the person she was meant to be. I highly recommend Judy Feingold and sincerely thank her for literally transforming our daughter’s life.
—Lisa E.

Michael is severely affected by spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, with the physical abilities of a 2-month old baby. We have noticed a big improvement in his spasticity since he has been seeing Judy. When sitting in his wheelchair, Michael is generally at ease without the rigidity that he had a year ago—rigidity typical in children with his condition. Michael has also gained some use of his arms that he did not have before. Michael loves his visits with Judy.  He gets excited when we tell him he is going to see Judy. With some therapists in the past, he always cried as if he were in pain. Judy provided a sympathetic ear when I talked about the issues we were having with the school system, and offered helpful suggestions. She visited his school to see what they were doing with him in the classroom and to share her ideas with his teacher and assistant. I highly recommend Judy to other parents with children with severe orthopedic impairments.


We would like to personally thank you and the Creative Health Solutions team for the all the hard work you’ve done for Daniel. He greatly enjoyed his time spent with you and learning new games and strategies to better his overall well-being and temperament. Overall, we found high value and satisfaction with the services provided and would gladly recommend to anyone.  If not for Creative Health, Daniel very well likely would not have as successful of a Kindergarten year that we are hoping and anticipating. Thank you all once again.

—Freddie and Gosia

Creative’s therapists  have worked with our child for OT and speech for several years.  In that time, we have seen tremendous growth in our child’s speech development, motor planning, auditory processing, fine motor skills, attention/focus, and the ability to control his emotions. Without their help, our child would not be working at grade level in a mainstream classroom nor would he/she have developed friendships with peers. In addition to their skill as practitioners, our child’s occupational and speech therapist bring warmth, compassion, and love to every session. Our child truly likes to attend speech and OT and these capable, caring therapists are the reason for his/her enthusiasm


On behalf of the family, we are so thankful to both of you! So many aspects of Brendan’s life have changed for the better since we started therapy.


My two sons have grown so much over the past 6+ months under the care and aid of Creative’s therapists. The changes in both of them have made our home life much easier and I am so pleased with the progress they have made and continue to make.


We have been part of the Creative Health Solutions family for the past 4 years. Prior to finding our therapist at Creative Health Solutions, we bounced around from OT to OT, trying to find someone who could figure out what was wrong with our son, and more importantly, trying to find someone who could help him. During our intake appt, Judy Feingold and her staff [recognized] an auditory processing disorder, a visual processing disorder, and a sensory processing disorder- all of which were spot on. Because of the time he spent in the orphanage, our son missed multiple early developmental milestones that needed to be mastered before he could successfully move on to higher functioning tasks. Weekly OT sessions, daily “homework”, and therapeutic listening programs have all helped restore our son’s confidence in himself as well as his ability to focus and learn in school. Before and after every session, we discussed what was working, what wasn’t working, and any observations I had that might help the therapist better help my son. Because Creative Health Solutions constantly looks at the whole child, and not just a particular symptom, their therapists would pick up on things that our pediatrician had missed- such as labored breathing during exertion that resulted in an ENT recommending that our son have his tonsils and adenoids removed (labored breathing problem solved)—or significant focusing issues while reading that resulted in a referral for vision therapy. We are so pleased with Creative Health Solutions. They truly embrace the team approach and are happy to include the classroom teacher and any other therapist into “the team”. As a result of Creative’s work with my son, the child who could barely right his name two years ago has recently been accepted into FCPS gifted program- and we couldn’t be happier!


Every encounter we’ve had at this office is marked with compassion and professionalism. Our therapists work hard to build and maintain a wonderful relationship with gentleness and flexibility. Communication is excellent and we love the family involvement.


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