To learn to read is to light a fire.

– Victor Hugo

Perhaps my fondest memories as a child was riding my bicycle to the library on Saturday morning and perusing the shelves for books on my favorite topics: dinosaurs and magic. Decades later I still cherish that I had that opportunity and still remember that sense of wonder and anticipation and the promise of new ideas and new things to learn.

The whole world opened up to me when I learned to read

– Mary McCleod Bethune

Today we have so many more ways of getting books. Now we can get the books to come to us. Internet vendors will deliver a hard cover or paperback book in a day or less; you can download an electronic book instantly; or even read a virtual book on the internet. Or you can still ride your bike to the library.

Books are a uniquely portable magic

– Steven King

One of my greatest joys as a parent was watching my children develop reading skills and then become avid readers. At first there was that nightly sense of fun and wonder when they would pick the book I would read to them at bedtime. Then there was that wonderful first time:

“Daddy, can I read to you?”

We want that for all parents and all children.

Yet for many, reading is a challenge. While that’s sad and disappointing, the good news is that there is lot’s that we can do to help.

Indeed, Judy and I have made reading programs one of our highest priorities and Judy is continuing her research and investigation into the best programs. You’ll be hearing more about that in coming eletters.

But there’s no need to wait. There is plenty we can do to help now. Call or email me and we can discuss it.

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island

– Walt Disney

– Richard Feingold, Co-founder