Foundations for Learning

Creative’s School and Life Preparation Program

Are you having difficulties preparing your child for school or other life activities? Has the school asked your child to leave or otherwise indicated misalignment? Are you concerned that your child lacks life skills or struggles to interact with and navigate the world?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Creative’s school and life preparation program could be the solution you’re looking for.

Foundations for Learning is all about helping your child develop the skills they need to better navigate the world and find success. The program is customized to each participant’s needs and creates a comforting environment to face challenges in a fun way. A key goal is to raise your child’s self-esteem and while always supporting them, so the program has a very low ratio of children to therapists, typically and often one on one.

How can it work for my child?

Regardless of your child’s differences, Foundations for Learning can help them feel confident in their abilities, recover quickly from a setback or meltdown, participate in new experiences, transition between activities and environments, handle sensitive topics without a tantrum, accept structure, pay attention and follow directions. Our program intrinsically motivates, fosters a sense of belonging and helps your child enjoy education and other life experiences through play-based activities.

We also emphasize social improvement by focusing on attending to others, relating to peers and adults, expressive and receptive communications, and use of senses.

Like all of our therapies at Creative Health Solutions, Foundations utilizes customized therapist support that adapts and responds to each child’s individual needs.

It is a place where children come first and are always welcome—period.

What does a typical session look like?

A lot of fun! Peek in on any session and you’ll see children smiling, laughing, climbing, bouncing, making music, drawing, reading, and much more. Through interactive and enjoyable activities, we target serious challenges with plenty of play along the way.

For example, we’ll work on gross motor skills for regulation and safe behavior with obstacle courses, trampolines, brightly-colored scarf hammocks and even zip-lining, while floor games or music may be used to address rhythm and movement. Building with modeling clay and other art projects (both solo and as a group) help develop fine motor skills, which improve eye-hand coordination, writing and drawing, and developing positive emotional responses to various textures, smells and visual input.

School preparation includes a sensory snack that allows children to engage with their food while also practicing social interaction, as well as pre-academic learning that promotes building skills while enjoying the classroom environment. Therapists and clients work on reading, listening and working on letters and numbers.

To learn more and get a glimpse of these activities in action, check out our short video below.

How do I get started?

If you are new to Creative Health, please call us at (703) 910-5006 to learn more and set up an initial consultation. This will allow us to get to know you and your specific needs better. All current Creative clients can speak to any therapist about how to enroll in our next session.

Preparing for academic and real-world success can be intimidating for many children and their parents. Creative Health Solutions is here to help navigate challenges, build skills and empower children to reach their greatest potential. Join us today!

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