For me as a child summer break was a magic time.

Each year as I departed from my last class sometime in late June I had this great sense of freedom and adventure: Before me was a never ending summer of no-school days.

Inevitably, sometime in August I began to tire of the “endless summer” and secretly looked forward to the start of the new school year. I had had enough of purposelessness.

For me, each new school year provided structure and opportunity. I got to learn new things, reunite with old friends, meet new peers and teachers and make new friends.

Each year was unique, special, and memorable.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, those experiences helped shape who I am—for the better.

A generation later I experienced each new school year as a parent and hoped that they would provide at least as much opportunity for my children.

Now another generation has passed and my perspective is now as a grandfather and the co-founder of Creative Health Solutions.

The memory of my childhood seems innocent and simple compared to my grandchildren and many of the families we now work with and support here at Creative. Where once there was pleasant anticipation, there is now concern.

I’d like every child and parent to experience the new school year the way I did as a child. To feel safe and secure. To look forward to new challenges and new people and new ideas. To enjoy the friendship of others. And to feel that wonderful sense of accomplishment in learning and mastering new ideas.

For those families struggling to find that experience, we are here to help. For most, if not all, there is a path to improvement and transformation.

We believe that the best path for each family is one customized and tailored specifically to not only their child’s unique clinical needs and personality but also to the family’s circumstance—availability, schedule, budget, lifestyle, and even life philosophy.

Let me share my personal perspective.

In my lifetime I’ve seen the dramatic rise of challenges to our children’s well-being. Developmental issues that were barely known by anyone when I was a child occur more and more frequently.

Rising to meet those challenges has been the remarkable advances in the last few decades in our understanding of human development, neuro-physiology, and brain plasticity.

This is an important and perhaps key chapter in the story of the human condition: Our ability to rise up and meet the toughest challenges.

Let’s work together so that every new school year is a better experience than last year’s.

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– Richard Feingold, Co-founder