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Listening Therapies have been found to be particularly successful addressing the symptoms of autism, sensory processing disorder and learning challenges like ADHD, ADD, ASD and SPD—and do so non-invasively and without medication.

The foundation of this sort of therapy is based on the brilliant and insightful work of Alfred Tomatis, otolaryngologist (ENT) and inventor, 1920-2001.

Tomatis and his disciples found that modified music positively impacts the brain and the rest of the nervous system. The programs use classical (and sometimes other) music that is specifically and scientifically modified to address the root causes of the challenges. With these programs we can improve the foundations for learning, attention, brain and nervous system processing and behavior—and create a lasting change at any age.

Chapter 8 in Norman Doidge’s The Brains Way of Healing provides an insightful survey of listening modalities and their clinical impact.

Listening therapies require precise customization and careful monitoring to assure optimal results: Creative Health Solutions integrates and customizes the leading offerings. After evaluating the client, Creative produces a customized program with optimal therapeutic effect and then monitors it to assure sustained progress.

Here is a small sampling of the programs that Creative uses—the four major listening programs and a few others. We use them on their own or integrated with other therapies to maximize effectiveness.

Our Listening Therapy Toolbox

TomatisThe Tomatis® Method is a natural approach to neurosensory stimulation. Its listening programs change the music and voice in real time in order to capture the brain’s attention and to develop motor, emotional and cognitive skills. Developed by the French Doctor and Researcher, Alfred Tomatis, the Tomatis® Method relies on an advanced technology and the excellence of its trained professionals. Tomatis is the most flexible and customizable program.

Advanced Brain Technologies has neuroscience-based suite of music programs that allow clients to achieve optimal brain health for a better life including The Listening Program. A unique feature of ABT is that they hire their own musicians to produce the recordings. Alex Doman, Founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, gave a TED talk regarding listening therapies.

The iLs (integrated Listening systems) methodology integrates music, movement and language exercises for the purpose of improving brain function. iLs programs are designed to be fun, and may be used on their own or in conjunction with other methods. It trains for brain/body integration through a staged approach, starting with the fundamentals of sensory integration and then extending through more complex cognitive functions, including language, self-expression and social skills.

Vital Links Therapeutic Listening is a specific sound-based intervention that is embedded in a developmental and sensory integration perspective. The music in Therapeutic Listening gives the listener unique and precisely controlled sensory information. The music is electronically modified to highlight the parts of the sound spectrum that naturally capture attention and activate body movement, synchronizing it with the environment.

Forbrain is an award-winning neural device that has shown conclusive results in enhancing the speech, attentional strengthening, and focus. Built with bone conduction technology and a unique dynamic filter, the device provides the user instantaneous feedback of their own voice which creates an enhanced auditory-feedback loop. Forbrain’s dynamic filter helps people to improve attention, focus, memory, auditory and sensory processing.

The following while not strictly listening programs complement the others and also leverage brain plasticity.

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is an evidence-based assessment and training tool that measures and improves synchronization of neural impulses within key brain networks for cognitive, communicative, sensory and motor performance. As the individual activates a trigger in time with a steady auditory beat, IM technology provides real-time auditory and visual feedback for millisecond timing. Knowing whether he is hitting before, after, or exactly in sync with the beat allows the individual to improve timing and rhythm.

BrainHQ — Using your brain’s ability to change for the better. Based on neuroplasticity, the brain’s natural ability to remodel itself throughout life. Exercises harness the ability to change and direct the brain in ways that can enhance your overall performance and improve the quality of your life. Exercises designed by dozens of world experts, each bringing his or her own unique scientific expertise. Their contributions developed brain-improving programs for many of the behavioral faculties that can be improved using neuroplasticity.

EASe (Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect) delivers short, intense bursts of sensory experiences to stimulate but not over-stimulate a child experiencing difficulty with sensory processing and organization. This virtual sensory diet creates a palette of experiences to help a child cope with typical environmental conditions.

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