Listening Therapies

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Learning through Listening™

Listening therapies are based historically on the brilliant and insightful work of Alfred Tomatis. They address symptoms of autism, sensory processing disorder and learning issues like ADHD, ADD, ASD and SPD — and do so non-invasively.

They are customizable for all ages & skill levels. In general, they integrate sound and sometimes movement to create a foundation for learning, attention, processing and behavior—and create a lasting change. They are based on the fact that we can change and improve our brain at any age.

Chapter 8 in Norman Doidge’s great book — The Brains Way of Healing — provides a wonderful survey of listening modalities and their clinical impact.

Since listening therapies require precise customization and careful monitoring to assure optimal results, Creative Health Solutions integrates and customizes the leading offerings. After evaluating the client, Creative produces an affordable program with the greatest therapeutic effect and monitors it to assure  sustained progress.

Learning through Listening™ will find a program that meets your clinical needs and fits your life style and budget. Included in our toolbox are:

Alex Doman, Founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, gave a TED talk regarding listening therapies.