Who is Kimberly Koala?

When Judy and I founded the practice we choose a koala for our mascot and named her Kimberly. Her image was captured by the artist who painted our children’s immersion mural on the walls of our original suite. During our founding years we also published a physical newsletter, one of whose standing items was Kimberly’s Corner. The latter provided insight into the inner workings of Creative. Imagine Kimberly up in her tree looking down and listening and then reporting.

Koala Facts: Koalas can only live in one place in the world, Australia. The koala only eats Eucalyptus leaves and it eats so many leaves, it smells like the leaves. The koala hops from tree to tree and climbs the trees to get the leaves. The koala will eat 2.5 pounds of food a day.

Kimberly’s Corner

I’m glad Richie is letting me publish again since I have a lot to share. We all love Richie but often he uses big words and long sentences and it’s hard to understand him. It’s not his fault and probably best that you don’t tell him what I just said. I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

Speaking of big words, I’m sure you’ve seen Creative’s tag line. How could you not? It’s everywhere including the top of this newsletter. Six words, 21 syllables, 67 characters including 2 em-dashes and a trade mark symbol. Well, despite its being kind of stuffy, the Creative team follows it, and you’ll see that from some of my columns, including this one.
Today I’m going to tell you about the One O’clock. Every day the Creative Team meets from one to two o’clock to discuss the day’s afternoon clients and the next day’s morning clients. They also discuss new clients, issues with any clients, new therapy techniques, new programs, ideas for new programs, and ways they can improve. That last thing Judy calls in-servicing and I know that sounds boring but it’s really interesting.

Anyway the first thing they do at the One O’ clock is room assignment. Not only do they make sure each client has the best possible room but they also talk about transitions and sometimes even getting two clients to informally interact to help their social development. After room assignment and client discussion the team sometimes talks about other cool stuff. The other day Danielle taught everyone about AAC—Augmentative and Alternative Communication. It was really interesting in spite of its scary name.

Not only does the team talk together during the One O’clock, but I see them doing that all during the day. And it’s really interesting to listen to them.

Anyway, I found out recently that Richie knows about the talking together and even encourages it. But of course he has to use big words to describe it, saying Creative has institutionalized collaboration. A true Richie phrase: two words, 11 syllables, and he wonders why people don’t understand him.

Well, it’s time to go. For today, there are two things that I want to ask of you. First, I don’t mind if you tell your therapist that you read my column. In fact, I often feel like the therapists don’t even see me or know I exist, so telling them would be good. Second, don’t tell Richie what I say about him. If he starts using regular size words and normal expressions then it won’t be as much fun.

– Kimberly