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Are you having difficulties preparing your child for school or other life activities? Has the school asked your child to leave or otherwise indicated misalignment? Are you concerned that your child lacks life skills or struggles to interact with and navigate the world?

Creative’s School and Life Preparation Program

Foundations prepares your child for school and life. This is a customized, adaptive therapeutic intervention; a developmental learning experience for those with school or other life challenges. It improves interactions by focusing on attending to others, social engagement, expressive and receptive communications, motor skills, and use of senses.

It addresses following directions, participating, transitioning, or playing with others; it is a place where children are always welcome—period.

Foundations for Learning helps your child:

  • Feel confident in their abilities
  • Recover quickly from a melt down
  • Get along with peers
  • Transition
  • Handle sensitive topics without tantrum
  • Accept structure
  • Pay attention — Sit still — Follow directions

Intrinsically motivates, fosters a sense of belonging, and helps your child enjoy education and other life activities where he or she explores, learns, and develops through play-based activities. Custom individualized therapist support.

Addresses foundational skills and promotes academic readiness.

  • Adapts and responds to each child’s individual needs.
  • Helps your child:
    • Sustain a healthy emotional and physical state
    • Attend to and engage with others
    • Interact and relate to peers and adults
  • Promotes academic readiness with improved:
    • Gross motor skills for group movement
    • Fine motor skills for pre-writing, writing, and similar activities
    • Creativity and pre-literacy and literacy skills
    • Rhythm and timing for clearer thinking and musical activities
    • Pre-feeding for enjoyment of a wide variety of healthy foods

Key features…

  • Preparation for school and other life activities
  • Customized for each child
  • Very low ratio of children to therapists—emphasizes 1-on-1 support

What does a typical session look like?

  • Gross Motor/Planning and sequencing for regulation and safe behavior
  • Rhythm and Movement for transition and structure
  • “Sensory” Snack for social interaction and food exploration
  • Pre-Academic for building skills and enjoying the classroom environment
  • Fine Motor/Sensory for improving skills and processing information

How do I get started?

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