We’ve partnered with a company to help us improve and better serve our clients. Our new and improved website is one example of their support.

Recently, I invited one of the partners to observe our unique daily team meeting. She insisted that we share her observations:

Thank you for allowing me to listen in on your daily staff meeting this week. I have worked with many companies who say that they have a great team and that they foster a collaborative environment, but it is rarely the case.

From my “fly on the wall” vantage, I saw an entire staff come together to create a strategic plan for the treatment of each patient. They worked through everything from which children needed one-on-one time to which would benefit from interactive group sessions.

They jumped at the opportunity to learn about a new treatment technology—even though for some it wasn’t directly applicable to their current patients in the near term.

And they were all clearly comfortable speaking up, advocating for their patients and asking questions of Judy and their peers.

It was a sight to behold and I hope that your patients, the families and the whole Creative Community knows how much time you and your team spend to create the best environment and custom plan for each patient. I hope that they all know that while they might interact with one or two therapists, that there is actually a whole team helping with their treatment plan.

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— Richard Feingold, Co-founder