Academic Support at Any Age

In the past several decades, researchers and therapists have discovered that learning and academics aren’t one-size fits all. They’ve found that brain is incredibly complex and different people access and retain information differently.

At Creative Health Solutions we want every child and parent to experience each new school year with excitement, anticipation, and new opportunities—not with foreboding or stress. We want to foster and develop the skills that allow everyone to look forward to new challenges and new people and new ideas. Everyone should enjoy the wonderful sense of accomplishment in learning and mastering new ideas.

This is why we provide customized support to improve academic performance—at any age. Our services range from improving foundational skills to intense accelerated programs. Always customized, our academic services begin with assessing each client’s unique individual strengths and needs.

From Our Toolbox:

Creative’s Accelerated Learning Services™ (CALS)—The Brain Fitness Program
An intensive individualized program that addresses learning challenges and differences. CALS utilizes leading modalities to achieve measurable improvements over a short time.

Learning Ears
Develops listening and reading skills fundamental to learning and achievement. Gayle Moyers, reading specialist and educator, created Learning Ears to improve the ability to receive, understand and retain incoming information.

iLs—Language Program
iLs works to develop clear speech and language skills for optimal communication and focuses on language exercises designed to help children and adults with various auditory processing and functional language skills.

BrainHQ – Using your brain’s ability to change for the better
Based on neuroplasticity, the brain’s natural ability to remodel itself throughout life. Exercises harness the ability to change and direct the brain in ways that can enhance your overall performance and improve the quality of your life. Exercises designed by dozens of world experts, each bringing his or her own unique scientific expertise. Their contributions developed brain-improving programs for many of the behavioral faculties that can be improved using neuroplasticity.

Get Started Today

If you think you or your child might benefit from our Academic programs, we are here to help you get started. Those who are new to Creative Health can call us at (703) 910-5006 to learn more and set up an initial consultation. This will allow us to get to know you and your specific needs better. All current Creative clients can speak to any therapist about our Academic programs.

With a variety of tools and an abundance of caring attention, Creative Health Solutions is here to help children and adults build skills and empower them to reach their greatest potential. We hope you’ll join us today!

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