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Journey to Transitions

Journey to Transitions Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. – Albert Szent-Györgyi We are about to announce a new program, Transition to Independence: Unlocking Special Abilities. Its genesis, structure, and content are primarily the work of one person. I think that it's important that you know something about her. People are story tellers. It is arguably how we communicate best. Some say that there is a universal story that goes something like: A young person travels out into the [...]

February 1st, 2019|

Rachel Hawkins, Director of Transition to Independence

Rachel graduated from Goucher College with a BA in Political Science, and got her Masters of Occupational Therapy from Temple University. A personal experience brought her into the world of OT, and she is a self-advocate for autism. She has worked primarily with pediatrics, both in public and private schools as well as clinics.

The driving force for the creation of Transition to Independence was her experience at a specialized day school for young adults with autism. Every student had goals related to work or daily living, which captured her interest. It was this population that ultimately captured her heart and soul. She is very excited to be Director of Transition to Independence, which aims to provide access to the skills young adults need to be able to live and work independently.