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Co-founders note.

Creative doesn't advertise.
As a parent of 5 (now grown
up) I knew the importance
finding the right places for
my children. It was the
recommendations of other
parents that always guided
me best. I hope these
parents' kind words provide
that guidance for you.

Testimonials are also
embedded throughout the

My warmest regards  -
Richard Feingold
We would like to personally thank you and the
Creative Health Solutions team for the all the
hard work you've done for Daniel.  He greatly
enjoyed his time spent with you and learning
new games and strategies to better his overall
well being and temperament.

Overall, we found high value and satisfaction
with the services provided and would gladly
recommend to anyone.  If not for Creative
Health, Daniel very well likely would not have
as successful of a Kindergarten year that we
are hoping and anticipating.  Thank you all
once again.

--Freddie and Gosia
WOW...to your credit/diligence and
Richard's & Marta's Support!

I am THANKING GOD for this
We are getting clinical help for the
boys we have not experienced
before, for which I am truly thankful.

Judy please let your clinical staff
know how much we appreciate the
work they are doing with the


Ashleigh Balsamo Stevens and Lindsey Schucker have worked
with our child for OT and speech for several years.  In that time,
we have seen tremendous growth in our child’s speech
development, motor planning, auditory processing, fine motor
skills, attention/focus, and the ability to control his emotions.
Without their help, our child would not be working at grade level
in a mainstream classroom nor would he/she have developed
friendships with peers. In addition to their skill as practitioners,
Ashleigh and Lindsey bring warmth,compassion, and love to
every session. Our child truly likes to attend speech and OT and
these capable, caring therapists are the reason for his/her

We have been part of the Creative Health Solutions family for the past 4 years. Prior to finding Miss Ashleigh, our therapist at
Creative Health Solutions, we bounced around from OT to OT, trying to find someone who could figure out what was wrong with
our son, and more importantly, trying to find someone who could help him. During our intake appt, Judy Feingold and Miss
Ashleigh [recognized] an auditory processing disorder, a visual processing disorder, and a sensory processing disorder- all of which
were spot on. Because of the time he spent in the orphanage, our son missed multiple early developmental milestones that needed
to be mastered before he could successfully move on to higher functioning tasks. Weekly OT sessions, daily "homework", and
therapeutic listening programs have all helped restore our son's confidence in himself as well as his ability to focus and learn in
school. Before and after every session, we discussed what was working, what wasn't working, and any observations I had that
might help Miss Ashleigh better help my son. Because Creative Health Solutions constantly looks at the whole child, and not just
a particular symptom, Miss Ashleigh would pick up on things that our pediatrician had missed- such as labored breathing during
exertion that resulted in an ENT recommending that our son have his tonsils and adenoids removed (labored breathing problem
solved)- or significant focusing issues while reading that resulted in a referral for vision therapy. We are so pleased with Creative
Health Solutions. They truly embrace the team approach and are happy to include the classroom teacher and any other therapist
into "the team". As a result of Miss Ashleigh's work with my son, the child who could barely right his name two years ago has
recently been accepted into FCPS gifted program- and we couldn't be happier!

On behalf of the family, we are so thankful
to both of you!  So many aspects of
Brendan's life have changed for the better
since we started therapy
My two sons have grown so much over the
past 6+ months under the care and aid of
Ashleigh and Lindsey. The changes in both
of them have made our home life much
easier and I am so pleased with the
progress they have made and continue to

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Every encounter we've had at this office is
marked with compassion and

Our therapists work hard to build and
maintain a wonderful relationship with
gentleness and flexibility. Communication is
excellent and we love the family involvement.

Fairfax mother
We came to Creative Health Solutions with major sensory issues, lack of confidence and extreme emotional
outbursts. The input from our therapist helped us in correctly diagnosing my child— PANDAS. While we still
struggle with sensory and anger issues, it is not at the same level as a year ago. I can absolutely state that my
child is improving in confidence. They look forward to therapy every week. I notice that after therapy, they do much
better emotionally. They are learning skills and strategies to get their emotions under control faster. They have
wonderful equipment to enhance the therapy experience. The friendly front office staff has worked with us to fit in
therapy with our busy schedule. Both of our therapists have been phenomenal.

--Jeannie Lowder