Speech/Language (Feeding/Swallowing)
The Creative Speech/Language Perspective
Creative Health Solutions integrates speech/language therapy as
part of its comprehensive and holistic pediatric care program.
Speech/language is an amazing complex and unique human
ability. It is a process that begins in the brain with the idea of saying
something and ends with coherent sounds coming from the mouth.
The unconscious ease that many have in learning speech and
language belies the potential difficulties that arise for some.
Therapeutic excellence through innovation—integration—collaboration™
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The Amazing
Process (an intuitive
The speech/language process
begins with the idea of needing
to communicate. The brain
“thinks of” what to say,
searches its vocabulary for the
word or words, applies its
knowledge of grammar to
construct the statement of the
idea. Next it must plan for the
various body components to act
in precise sequence—vocal
cords, tongue, lips, diaphragm,
and so on. The plan is then
communicated by neurons
carrying messages to the body
parts. The latter activate to
deliver the message.
The Creative Therapeutic Model
Creative recognizes that the speech/language process and
feeding/swallowing are activities of daily living requiring
coordination of physiology and neurology. Thus, they are (complex)
elements of occupational therapy and their treatment must integrate
with all therapies. The Creative experts in speech and language,
swallowing and feeding, as well as occupational therapy, innovate,
integrate, and collaborate to provide seamless care and the best
possible service and results.
Language are those
socially shared rules
, structural
(e.g., happy,
happily, unhappy),
Swallowing disorders
Swallowing disorders manifest
at various stages.
Oral phase:
moving liquid or chewed food
into the throat, possible
associated with chewing or
sucking problems.
swallowing (pharyngeal phase)

squeezing the food down the
throat and closing off the airway.
Esophageal phase: relaxing and
tightening the top and bottom
openings of the throat to get the
food to the stomach.
Feeding disorders include
getting to the food itself,
preparing to suck, chew, or
swallow. Note significantly that
such disorders may stem from
inabilities to grasp, coordinate,
using the lips, tongue, or other
parts of the mouth effectively.
grammar (sentence structure), and rhetoric (effective
phraseology). Language disorders are
receptive (trouble
understanding another) and
expressive (trouble expressing one's
thoughts, feelings, ideas).
Speech is the verbal communication
mechanism consisting of
articulation (how to make sounds),
voice (vocalization and breathing), and fluency (rhythm).
Speech/Language disorders are difficulties in any of the preceding.