Therapeutic excellence through innovation—integration—collaboration™
3900 Jermantown Road, Suite 250
Fairfax, VA 22030
We provide screenings, evaluations, treatments, and
consultation. If needed, we work with and can provide reports to
doctors, school districts, various agencies, or other therapists.
Most importantly, we make sure you or your child receives the
right services when they are needed. Our unique Pediatric Care
Coordination relieves parents of the difficult burden of trying to
self-manage caring for a young child with significant disorders.
See our
Client Services Portfolio for details.
Services for children and adults
focusing on pediatric special needs
Including Sensory
Integration and Vision
Skill Therapies. We
customize the
program for you.
Neuro-motor assessment and treatment.
Remarkable improvements through  
movements involving the body and brain.
FDA approved 830L cool light laser
eliminates pain and repairs damaged
tissue through cell stimulation. No drugs.
No surgery.
A simple questionnaire assesses your
child's development and indicates
potential areas to address. This is a free
Pre-visit forms
Please fill these out before your first visit.
"Of all the people
you were right on
the money about
what was going
on with my son."
- name withheld
"Judy has worked
thoughtfully with our
son—always gentle,
always trying new
approaches to help
him achieve, explore,
- Lisa Y
Occupational Therapy
Speech/Language (Feeding/Swallowing)
Therapeutic Social Groups
Learning through Listening
Interactive Metronome
Pain Management
Pediatric Care Coordination
Health Insurance Challenges
Community Outreach
Contact us
A safe, therapist led, peer-matched interactive group focusing
on developing social and emotional skills and other
child-to-child dynamics. Provide both matched pairs and
selected groups. Contact us for information on our current
Pathology is part of our
integrated program.
Fax 888-314-6760
Picture Exchange Communication
System (PECS) services: a key to
providing capabilities to those denied
usual avenues of communications.
Creative is expert and certified in the leading
listening modalities. This enables us to
customize the most effective (and affordable)
iLs, Therapeutic Listening®,* The Listening
Program®, and Learning Ears Current
clients: talk to your therapist or simply make
an appointment for a free in depth discussion
with Judy. Potential clients: call or email for
further information and/or to set up an
Educational and
Learning Services
Creative provides a
comprehensive range of
integrated educational and
learning services.
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Creative’s Accelerated Learning Services™ (CALS) is an
intensive individualized program that addresses learning
challenges and differences. CALS utilizes leading modalities to
achieve measurable improvements over a short time.
Creative is presenting a series of thematic
workshops, the main one
Parenting the Love and
Logic Way
from the Love & Logic® Institute.  
Please call or email  to indicate interest and
availability. See our
Parent Resources page for
more information on this and other workshops.
Foundations is a customized, adaptive therapeutic
intervention; a developmental learning experience
for those not ready for the “typical” pre-school (or
It improves interactions by focusing on attending to
others, social engagement, expressive and
receptive communications, motor skills, and use of
It addresses school challenges: following
directions, participating, transitioning, or playing
with others; it is a place where children are always
welcome—even when the school says they are not
These camp sessions should be covered by health
insurance. Check with Creative's Business
Complete the form below if you are using health insurance. This is required
Choose the age appropriate questionnaire of the 3 below
If you want us to speak or correspondence with another provider of school
The following are for your convenience