Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy* enables people of all ages to live life
to its fullest by promoting health and preventing—or
helping them live better with—illness, injury or disability.
The therapeutic efforts and results span Health and
Wellness; Children and Youth; Work and Industry;
Rehabilitation, Disability, and Participation; Productive
Aging; Mental Health. We customize a unique therapeutic
program for each client, drawing the best therapies from
the many we provide.
Therapeutic excellence through innovation—integration—collaboration™
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Sensory integration approach
leverages the child's senses and
let's them use their sensation and
activity to interact with the
environment. It is rich in vestibular,
proprioceptive, and tactile inputs;
often areas of deficit. The approach
stimulates the nervous system to
organized and meaningful
processing and integration of
sensory input, enhancing nervous
system  functionality. We are proud
to have built the Creative Sensory
Integration Gym™ to complement
and enhance our services.
"Our daughter has sensory processing disorder and the energy
that should have gone towards her growth and development
instead had to go toward just keeping her from being
overwhelmed. Judy gave us, the parents, a crash course in
sensory disorders, then created and continuously modified a
therapeutic program to address her ever-changing sensory
issues. Thanks to Judy Feingold's expertise, caring, and
willingness to try many different therapeutic activities, our
daughter's sensory issues are almost completely under control,
allowing her to put her energy where she should
on growing and
developing and becoming the person she was meant to be. I
highly recommend Judy Feingold and sincerely thank her for
literally transforming our daughter's life." - Lisa E
Vision skill therapies for the eyes
and brain is a  non-surgical
treatment for many common visual
problems.  In the case of learning
disabilities, vision therapy is
specifically directed toward
resolving visual problems that
interfere with reading, learning and
educational instruction.
Michael is severely affected by spastic
quadriplegic cerebral palsy, with the
physical abilities of a 2-month old baby.  
We have noticed a big improvement in his
spasticity since he has been seeing Judy.  
When sitting in his wheelchair, Michael is
generally at ease without the rigidity that he
had a year ago – rigidity typical in children
with his condition.  Michael has also gained
some use of his arms that he did not have
Michael loves his visits with Judy.  He gets
excited when we tell him he is going to see
Judy.  With some therapists in the past, he
always cried as if he were in pain.
Judy provided a sympathetic ear when I
talked about the issues we were having
with the school system, and offered helpful
suggestions.  She visited his school to see
what they were doing with him in the
classroom and to share her ideas with his
teacher and assistant.
I highly recommend Judy to other parents
with children with severe orthopedic
impairments." - Helen
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