Creative Health Solutions integrates and
customizes leading listening therapies. As a
certified provider of
Therapeutic Listening®,
Listening Program®, integrated Listening
systems (iLs), Learning Ears ,and The
Tomatis Method. Creative employs these
proven auditory modalities to improve brain
health. After evaluating the client Creative
customizes an affordable program with the
greatest therapeutic effect: a dynamic program
that continually adapts to insure sustained
progress. The clinically proven program
addresses a number of issues including:
Learning through Listening™
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Occupational Therapy
Speech/Language (Feeding/Swallowing)
Therapeutic Social Groups
Learning through Listening
Interactive Metronome
Pain Management
Pediatric Care Coordination
Health Insurance Challenges
Community Outreach
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▪ Speech/language
▪ Sensory Integration/movement
▪ Balance/coordination
▪ Thinking/problem solving
▪ Listening/comprehension
▪ Memory/vocabulary
▪ Reading/comprehension
▪ Vocalization
▪ Writing/spelling
▪ Communication
▪ Social skills/behavior
▪ Self-regulation/frustration
▪ Musical ability
▪ Motivation/self-confidence
Providing Learning through Listening
Creative Customizes the program through
assessment and client discussion. The client then
rents or purchases selected equipment. Following
that, Creative schedules periodic consulting
sessions that review progress, select and exchange
1. Engagement begins through suggestion by the
client's therapist or expressed client interest.
2. Creative provides a complementary discussion
describing programs, options, suitability and relevance
to you and your child—with cost estimates. If agreed, the
program is laid out.
3. The client purchases (or already possesses)
program-specific listening equipment and a media
4. Creative provides ongoing instruction, music
selection, and progress monitoring, usually provided
during the therapy session. (Alternatively, if there are no
or limited therapy sessions, the client attends periodic
consulting appointments in person or by telephone. The
sessions last 15 minutes or longer and may require
music exchange.)
5. Program duration depends on multiple factors and
typically lasts a few to several months.
There is a non-refundable initiation
fee, a deposit for the music media
and equipment, purchase cost of
some equipment, and possibly fees
for the consultations. These are
detailed on the program selection
Therapeutic excellence through innovation—integration—collaboration™
ABT, producer of The
Listening Program®,
provides an
Listening Screening
Tool for you or your
child. We'd be happy to
discuss the results
with you. Try the tool
and send us the
Listening Screening
number using the form.
Complete this form to request review of Listening
Screening Tool results (allow a week for a response)
Client name*
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Delivery Steps
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