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Foundations for Learning™
Creative's School and Life Preparation Program
Foundations is a customized, adaptive
learning experience for those not ready for
school or other life challenges. It improves
interactions by focusing on attending to
others, social engagement, expressive and
receptive communications, motor skills, and
use of senses.

It addresses following directions,
participating, transitioning, or playing with
others; it is a place where children are
always welcome—period.
Accept structure

Get along with peers

Feel confident in their abilities

Recover quickly from a melt down

Handle sensitive topics without tantrum

Pay attention - Sit still - Follow directions
Help your child
Intrinsically motivates, fosters a sense of belonging, and helps your
child enjoy education and other life activities where he or she explores,
learns, and develops through play-based activities
Custom individualized therapist support
Addresses foundational skills and
promotes academic readiness
Helps your child
  • Sustain a healthy emotional and
    physical state
  • Attend to and engage with others
  • Interact and relate to peers and adults
Promotes academic readiness with improved
  • Gross motor skills for group movement
  • Fine motor skills for pre-writing,
    writing, and similar activities
  • Pre-literacy and literacy skills
  • Rhythm and timing for clearer thinking
    and musical activities
  • Pre-feeding for enjoyment of a wide
    variety of healthy foods
  • Creativity for all life skills
Key Features
  • Preparation for school and other life activities
  • Customized for each child
  • Very low ratio of children to therapists—
    emphasizes 1 on 1 support
Typical session
Gross Motor/Planning and sequencing for
regulation and safe behavior
Rhythm and Movement for transition and
“Sensory” Snack for social interaction and
food exploration
Pre-Academic for building skills and
enjoying the classroom environment
Fine Motor/Sensory for improving skills and
processing information
Who: Children of any age; sessions are
When: Ongoing beginning October 30
Time: 9AM - noon or 2PM - 4PM Monday - Thursday
Enrollment:  To guarantee your spot you must
sign up at least 2 weeks prior
to the session that
you are enrolling. To provide custom service and
allow adequate preparation, you sign up for 4
week blocks.
Cost: Covered by insurance as occupational
therapy. If no insurance or insurance maxed out,
the fee schedule.
Insurance - in network - billed as OT. You would be responsible for deductibles and/or co-pays.
Insurance - out of network - billed as OT. You would pay the appropriate fee at the time of service
and we would bill the insurance for you
a big plusand they would reimburse you.
No insurance - or insurance maxed out. Fees discounted depending on your commitment and
number of sessions you attend.