Therapeutic excellence through innovation—integration—collaboration™
At Creative Health Solutions both our clients and
our employees come first. Just as we're setting a
new model for health care, we're setting one for
employment. Creative leadership is committed to
fostering a culture and environment of mutual
respect, challenging work, quality rewards, and a
positive atmosphere. Our role is to help you bring
out the best in yourself and succeed; we are all
members of a team that help each other.

We've invested in and customized a unique
information technology infrastructure to minimize
reporting efforts and paper, so you have
maximum time for what's important—patient
care and career development.

If you're interested in being a part of our team,
call, email, fax, or write us. You can also use the
message mechanism on the contacts page. Call
703-910-5006, email, fax 888-314-6706.

We will respond to you.
Occupational Therapy
Speech/Language (Feeding/Swallowing)
Therapeutic Social Groups
Learning through Listening
Interactive Metronome
Pain Management
Pediatric Care Coordination
Health Insurance Challenges
Community Outreach
Contact us
3900 Jermantown Road, Suite 250
Fairfax, VA 22030
Creative has volunteer opportunities for students
and/or those interested in OT, Speech, pediatrics,
or related therapies.

Volunteers help and shadow our therapeutic staff.
In so doing they gain first hand experience of
what's involved in being a therapist at a place like

Since it takes time and effort to schedule and
coordinate volunteers, we require a reasonable
at least an hour or more once a
week for several weeks and to notify us as soon
as possible if they must call in absent.

If interested, please print and complete the
employment application and submit with your
resume. Email (
is best and we'll accept Fax (1-888-314-6706) or
USPS mail (address in the heading above).